Energy Law and Utility Regulation

Gardner Bist attorneys have extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience in Energy Law and Utility Regulation.  Notably, Schef Wright has worked on energy issues in Florida, both in public service at the Florida Public Service Commission (1982-88) and in the Governor’s Energy Office (1980-82), and in private practice since 1989.  Jay LaVia has worked in the area for more than 25 years, as well.  The Energy Law and Utility Regulation practice overlaps with the Firm’s Environmental Law expertise; David Dee has obtained the environmental permits for several power plants (in addition to his other extensive environmental law practice).  Our attorneys’ specific experience includes the following.

  • Negotiating power purchase contracts for conventional power and renewable power, including contracts between developers and utilities and wholesale contracts between utilities, and obtaining regulatory approval of contracts
  • Litigating and negotiating settlements of major electric utility rate cases involving hundreds of millions of dollars of customer money
  • Representing municipal electric utilities on matters involving power purchases, energy conservation, rates, and other utility issues
  • Power plant and transmission line siting and permitting for renewable and conventional-fuel projects, including need determination cases before the Florida Public Service Commission
  • Power line undergrounding advice, counsel, and contract negotiations for local governments with their utilities
  • Negotiating franchise agreements on behalf of Florida local governments with their electric utilities
  • Renewable energy and sustainability
  • Water and wastewater regulation, including representation of customers in opposition to utility rate increases
  • Due diligence reviews in connection with power project financing and review of proposed site leases for solar projects
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