Eminent Domain and Condemnation

Local, state, and federal government and public utility companies have the right to take private property or rights in property such as easements. However, the taking must be necessary and must be for a public purpose – and, the government must pay “full compensation” to the property owner and must pay the owner’s attorney’s fees and costs. For many years, our attorneys have represented property numerous property owners throughout the State of Florida whose property or property rights are sought to be taken. Many attorneys rely on engineers and appraisers to do their thinking and analysis. We use those professionals as well. However, our much broader experience (e.g., representing clients in negotiations to buy and sell Real Estate, working with appraisers to support loans, working with surveyors and engineers on zoning and Land Use changes and the design and development of a client’s property, reviewing surveys in title transactions and litigation, reviewing appraisals for our banking clients, and litigating all types of property and property value issues) enables us to see issues related to the property and the impact of the taking on the remaining property that other attorneys who limit their practice exclusively to eminent domain sometimes do not see.

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